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Upcoming Events

DURING THE MONTH OF November - Schichi-Go-San
Blessing will be made for children, boys ages 3 and 5, girls ages 3 and 7....pray for contiued safe growth and development. During the month (by appointment) of November the Special Schichi-Go-San's Oharae will be offered. Children receiving this prayer will also receive Omamori (amulet) and Chitose Ame / long-life candy in a colorful bag with many special images.

December 14 - Oharahishiki
Registration at 10:30am, Ceremony at 11:00am This "Great Day of Purifying the Root of Misfortune" is one of the two occasions/year that the Nakatomi-no-O-Harahi is read facing sanpaishya rather the Shinzen...sanpaishya also receive the Harai of "Kiri-Nusa".....on this occasion sanpaishya receive the "Jibarai-no-Gohei" which is capable of absorbing the tookodori (stale/obscuring energy/ki) which is then purified and the Jibarai Gohei is burned by the Shinto Priests .....please attend with your family and friends to prepare for the New Year......for people unable to attend who would like to participate please contact the shrine in order to receive the Gohei (after use it is sent back to the shrine for the Koshinsatatsutakeageshiki {purification/burning ritual}).

HATSUMODE / First Shrine Visit of New Year
Dec. 31, 2014 - Jan 03, 2015.
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Employment Opportunity

Thank you for visiting the website of Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America

On the left is Reverend Yukiyasu Yamamoto, the 97th Generation Guji (high priest) of Tsubaki-O-Kami-Yashiro. On the right is Rev. Lawrence Koichi Barrish who built Kannagara Jinja and is now Senior Shinto Priest of Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America.

Located on a pristine 25 acre site near Seattle, WA (by car - by bus), Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America is the traditional Jinja Shinto Shrine and the direct North American branch of Tsubaki O Kami Yashiro in Mie Prefecture one of the oldest and most prestigious shrines in Japan with a history of over 2000 years.

Originating in the spontaneous reverence for Nature of Japan’s deep prehistory, Shinto is the Natural Spirituality or the practice of the philosophy of proceeding in harmony with and gratitude to Divine Nature.

The Shinto Shrine is an enriched environment where we can feel deeply refreshed and renewed. Please feel welcome to make the Omairi (visit) to Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America for the Seishiki Sanpai (shrine visit). Also the staff can conduct the Oharae (purification ceremony) as well as many types of Shinto Ceremonies for individuals, families, groups or businesses. At Tsubaki America Shrine there is also the opportunity for Misogi ShuHo (purification in the Mountain Stream) and training in Aiki-do